European Roulette – betting features

European Roulette – betting features

The first mention dates from 1839 – roulette is written in the Mayer encyclopedia. Towards the end of the 19th century, roulette migrated with French emigrants to the United States, to the city of Orleans. There, an additional zero sector was added, giving rise to the American version of the game.

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Details about European roulette

The minimum bet in any variant of this game is equal to one. Maximum bets are usually programmatically limited and depend on the developer whether it is virtual roulette or the rules of the casino if you play in a traditional institution. The game wheel is divided into 37 sectors. 36 of them are represented by numbers from 1 to 36, which are scattered to complicate the probability of calculating the place of landing of the ball. Half of the numbered pockets are black, half red. And a sector 0 or zero is green. You can bet on any number, but one of them, zero, is considered the casino sector.

The chips are placed on the squares of the playing field adjacent to the roulette wheel. The payment ratio naturally depends on the probability. So the probability of winning the black bet (or draw) is about 0.49 – almost half. Less than half the probability is due only to sector zero. So the payout will be 2. If you bet not on the color, but on a number, the probability decreases to 0.027, which means that the win increases by the same amount. The main feature of European roulette is that there is only zero on the wheel, which means that the casino’s margin is 2.7%. While in the US there are 2 such sectors, so consistently the margin increases to 5.4%.